Want to get involved with IGSA? Want to make a difference within and beyond the immunology community? Great! We’re glad you’re interested. Participating in IGSA can sometimes be a time-consuming experience, but we guarantee that it will all be worthwhile in the end. Almost nothing beats giving back to your own community.

To apply, email igsa.elections2015@gmail.com no later than Thursday, July 23 at 19:00. Exceptions will not be granted except under exceptional circumstances (e.g., undersubscribed positions). For each position you wish to run for, you must specify that position and provide a platform (1 page maximum).


Tuesday, July 7 – applications for positions open

Thursday, July 23 – all applications must be submitted by 19:00

Friday, July 24 – online voting opens at 09:00

Monday, July 27 – requests to vote online must be received by 23:00

Tuesday, July 28 – online voting closes at 00:00; Election Pub at 19:00 at the Fox & Fiddle, Bloor & Huron

Voting procedures


This year, voting will occur through ranked ballots. Because of this, we strongly encourage you to run even if you are the slightest bit interested, as you can make a difference in the elections process. Specifically, voting will occur through single transferrable voting (STV), instant runoff voting (IRV), or confirmation voting for each position depending on the number of candidates and openings.

In the rare event of a tie in the final round of calculations, another vote will occur to break the tie.

Election pub

Each candidate will give a speech outlining his or her platform. Voting will then occur (see Voting Procedures, General for more information).

Online voting

If you will not be able to attend the Election Pub but would still like to vote online, email igsa.elections2015@gmail.com, expressing your desire to vote, anytime before Monday, July 27 at 23:00. After Friday, July 24 at 09:00, we will send you a link to the online voting form as well as a unique token that you will need to enter into this form. Your vote will not be accepted without this token. You must submit your vote by Tuesday, July 28 at 00:00. Tiebreaker votes will not be available online.

Available positions

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following descriptions. Larger events require participation from the entire IGSA council.

In terms of time commitment, council usually meets once a month. Time required to conduct duties varies between positions.

Co-presidents (1 pair)

As the mighty co-presidents, you will

  • Drive the greater vision of IGSA
  • Draft a 2015–2016 budget with the treasurer
  • Chair monthly council meetings your executive council
  • Organize the largest events – the holiday retreat, the annual department retreat, and the summer picnic
  • Secure funding from sponsors and the Graduate Students’ Union with the treasurer
  • Foster relations with the Department of Immunology
  • Represent IGSA at Department of Immunology faculty retreats and affiliated events operated by, among several, the Life Sciences Career Development Society, the Graduate Management Consulting Association, and our friends at the Immunology Students’ Association (IMMSA)
  • Foster affiliations with the aforementioned organizations and establish relations with other related groups
  • Write reimbursement cheques

You must apply in pairs. Single applicants will not be accepted any circumstance. If there are no candidates by the election pub, the elected council will not become active until a pair of co-presidents is elected. If co-presidents are not elected by August 31, 2015, IGSA will suspend operations.

When submitting your platform, please indicate other positions you wish to run for in the event that you are not chosen for the co-presidents’ position.

Treasurer (1)

This election marks the return of the treasurer position after a hiatus.

As the manager of IGSA’s funds, you will

  • Draft a 2015–2016 budget with the co-presidents
  • Secure funding from sponsors and the Graduate Students’ Union with the co-presidents
  • Provide updates of available funds and cash flow at council meetings
  • Authorize reimbursements

Social representatives (5)

All work and no play make Jack and Jill a dull boy and girl. In fact, our reputation as a very social department in the Faculty of Medicine heavily lends itself from the events we hold. As a social representative, you will

  • Organize social events throughout the year
  • Order and pick up food for Easton Meet the Speaker lunches on Mondays
  • If needed, mind Easton speakers, from their hotel to the seminar and then to lunch

One representative, to be determined at the first council meeting, will represent IGSA at the Faculty of Medicine interdepartmental social committee. Your job, if chosen, will be to

  • Organize interdepartmental events, including the Halloween party, trivia night, and the boat cruise

Sports representative (2)

Immunologists need exercise. As a sports representative, you will

  • Recruit willing participants (especially co-presidents) for intramural teams, including volleyball, water polo, and basketball, and softball
  • Organize semi-regular sporting events, including volleyball, tennis, squash, and badminton
  • Organize charitable athletic activities, including the Harry Rosen Run
  • Taunt those silly Biochemistry folks at the annual Biochemistry-Immunology Fall Softball Classic

Blackboard immunology/career development representatives (2)

Blackboard Immunology provides students with resources to learn about future job prospects. As a Blackboard Immunology/career development representative, you will

  • Organize Blackboard Immunology events, including inviting speakers, booking venues, and inviting students
  • Organize career development days with department alumni and leaders outside of the academic world

Communications officers (2)

Communication is key so that everyone knows what IGSA is doing. As a communications officer, you will

  • Advertise for the Department of Immunology and IGSA’s events through its website, Twitter feed, and Facebook page
  • Update IGSA’s Twitter feed with interesting information
  • Manage IGSA’s Facebook group – including removing pesky spammers
  • Document events through photography and/or videography

Knowledge of print design, web design, and web development are assets.

secretary (1)

As the secretary, you will

  • Prepare council meeting agendas with the co-presidents
  • Take minutes during meetings and distribute them among the council afterwards

Peer-to-peer counsellor (1)

Sometimes, graduate students require a little help along the way. As a peer-to-peer counsellor, you will

  • Guide students and provide moral support through the reclassification & defence processes
  • Liaison for first-year students who want to learn more about the student and academic life
  • Organize at least 1 first-year get-together

Applicants should, but are not required to, be starting 3rd year or above.

GSU/CUPE representatives (2)

The Graduate Students Union (GSU) provides funding for IGSA – without their support, IGSA cannot function! CUPE negotiates benefits for graduate students and teaching assistants.

As a GSU/CUPE representative, you will

  • Attend GSU and CUPE meetings and relay information from these meetings back to the IGSA executive council
  • Forward important GSU and CUPE-related material to the department by email

Community outreach representatives (2)

As scientists, reaching out to our community is an extremely important task. As a community outreach representative, you will

  • Organize science outreach events in collaboration with Let’s Talk Science
  • Organize Immunology Day, which involves recruiting schools and volunteers, organizing placements, and designing lab activities for high school students
  • Organize fundraising events that benefit various charitable organizations in the Greater Toronto Area