What We Do


The president/co-presidents plan events, organize finances, recruit sponsors, and hold meetings with the IGSA executive.



The internal affairs rep shall maintain financial records of the association, take minutes of all executive council meetings, general assembly meetings, emergency meetings, communicate all decisions made at afformentioned meetings to department through written communication and by updating website/social media platforms, and act as chair if the Co-presidents cannot attend a meeting.






Social Reps

Social reps organize a number of student social events throughout the year as well as the games for the Holiday Party and the Immunology Retreat. They are also responsible for the Easton Seminar (Meet the Speaker) lunches.


Sports Reps

Sports reps organize intramural sports throughout the year such as volleyball, softball, innertube waterpolo, and soccer.







Community Outreach Reps

The Community Outreach Reps organize educational activities to increase awareness of immunology in the community. The programs include World Immunology Day which, in collaboration with the national LTS program, fosters the communication of scientific and immunology knowledge to junior-high and high school students around Toronto.





Career development

Career development organizers bring students and faculty together several times during the year for amazing life discussions and to ponder the big questions such as how will I ever get a PI position?







GSU/CUPE Representatives

The GSU/CUPE representatives provides an important link between IGSA and the GSU, by emailing the GSU digest once a week and representing our graduate student body at GSU meetings. They also attend CUPE council meetings and forwards relevant information to the department



Albert Nguyen

Yoojin Choi

albert.nguyen(at)mail.utoronto.ca yoojin.choi21(at)gmail.com
Co-president Co-president

Internal Affairs Representative

Dario Ferri


Social reps

Parshin Edraki

Lisa Hung

Tao Chan

najmeh.edraki(at)mail.utoronto.ca lisa.hung(at)mail.utoronto.ca tao.chan(at)mail.utoronto.ca
Social Rep Social Rep Social Rep



Sports rep

Oksana Okorokov

Sports rep

Community Outreach

Anthony Zhao

Community Outreach


Career Development

Brett Wang

Career Development


Jennifer Hoang